Croghan Hill Commemorated

A specially minted Ten Punt note has been issued to remember the heroism and sacrifice's made a the Siege of Croghan Hill.


Supafast Military Parade

@ Sibin Festival 2011


In fugo Vos Reperio Voluntas.

Report: Siege of Croghan Hill 




Garrison Order  161


Serial 439-440

                                                                                                        Date 31st Jan 2011

Lt. General  Purblind-Simmerson  F.E, KBO etc.

Officer Commanding.

Eastern Harrier Corps.

Eastern Harrier Corps HQ.

To:   Harrier Commanders- Eastern Command.



I regret to inform you that the latest reports received from the front are most discouraging and disturbing.  I have been reliably informed that the last Harrier intake sent into combat has suffered almost 50% casualties in the first month. Whilst high casualties are to be expected amongst elite troops, in this instance such a high rate of loss is unacceptable in the present circumstances. As experienced combat officers, I do not need to explain how hard-pressed we are for effective combat troops. We simply cannot win with this level of deficit to frontline fighting manpower. We need to avoid at all costs a war of attrition when our enemy’s resources are still greater than ours are in men and materiel.

Communications from frontline commanders have identified a severe training deficit in the last intake and a low level of morale. The main areas indicated by field commanders were lack of disciplined manoeuvering, general arms competence both with small arms and light artillery and a lack of fundamental attack tactics. In addition bushcraft and the use of available cover, which is at the heart of the Harrier code, where found to be seriously deficient.



In order to remedy this training and subsequent combat readiness deficit I have decided to interrupt the latest Harriers intake’s training and hold a full field exercise. This exercise will as closely as possible simulate REAL combat conditions. The exercise will take place on 10th Feb 2011 at Camp Blowdown, The Good Hatchery. (Map Ref.  25941. Restricted). The surrounding area provides every environmental facility required for this exercise including good cover, open areas, woodlands and hills.

You are therefore required and ordered as follows:

1.  You will report to Camp Blowdown, The Good Hatchery (Map Ref.  25491. Restricted) forthwith.



Particular attention should be paid to training Harriers to move over open ground whilst maintaining group formation and cohesion. This is essential for the formation of smaller attack groups under combat conditions. Failure to achieve this necessary fluidity of movement was one of the particular faults reported in the late lamented intake. Straggling should be dealt with using the full force of military discipline.



Harriers must be experts at using available cover and camouflage. In addition the skill of moving unseen and noiselessly through close cover is another perquisite of the trained Harrier. Attacks over open ground should use all available cover so that the element of surprise is maintained. Attacks should be proceeded by a thorough survey of the ground whenever possible. Open attacks against defended positions are to be encouraged when necessary but they should under no circumstances be a “ Forlorn Hope”.  Flank attacks are a useful alternative depending on cover and ground approaches.                          




The final section of the exercise should comprise assaulting the fortified bunker situated on the hill NNW of the Camp. ( Map Ref. 25496  Restricted). The elements of both defence and attack will therefor be covered. The division of the troops I leave to you.



The current entire Harrier Intake will, using Eastern Command Transport leave Eastern Command HQ. At 0900 hours on 10th Feb. 2011 arriving Camp Blowdown, The Good Hatchery at approx.  1100 hours.


Equipment, Arms and Ammunition

You are hereby required and authorised to draw the requisite equipment, arms and ammunition to fulfil the needs of the operation. You are authorised to use live ammunition and explosives, as the exercise must simulate combat conditions as near as possible. Some casualties are acceptable but avoid fatalities, if possible, as the consequent reduction in morale is unproductive to combat efficiency. Do not be frugal in the use of ammunition and draw as much as you deem necessary to achieve the required objectives.



As you are all of equal rank I think that the officer with the most seniority should take command on the day. That officer may accept the next highest Brevet rank for the period of the exercise. As you are all experienced combat officers I demand a 100% effort from each of you. When this intake goes into combat I expect that they will knock the enemy for six.





We simply must get over to Harriers that the enemy are not supermen. Look at the results achieved by our allies of the International League of Harriers. They can and will be defeated but we must give our troops the best training and tools to do the job. Remember a good officer:



    I am sending my good friend Brigadier Farquarson-Allbright as a
general observer. He will report directly to me in relation to the
exercise. The Brigadier will observe and report in particular any
lapses in command and leadership amongst officers and
non commissioned officers.  Please extend to this distinguished
officer the courtesy that his rank and position demand.



   I have noted with displeasure a certain imprecision in the way signals
are written and relayed.  I append an annex to this order detailing the
correct format for all written signals. I should not have to remind you   
that communications are the primary responsibility of an officer.
Please ensure that all officers are fully trained in this critical aspect
of  their duties.

In Fugo Vos Reperio Voluntas


R.D Purblind-Simmerson.
Lt. General.

A.O.C  Eastern Harrier Corps.


A Call To Arms!!!

The Supafast Military Project Will be holding a day of Enlistment, Training and Manoeuvres In The Good Hatchery Art space Deangain Co. Offaly on the Thursday the 10th of February. We’ll will be organising an early morning coach from Dublin at 9pm to the Supafastmilitary barracks. On Arrival all taking part will be asked to produce identification. Recruits will be trained and drilled as Fighting Harriers. 

The Participants will be equipped with full Harrier uniform and battle armour. They will be trained to use the standard weaponry of the Supafast Military (Potato Cannons and larger artillery such as the Trebuchet). 

Once organised into fighting units and given combat objectives recruits will be put through their pace’s. All of this to earn the much coveted medal and more importantly the title of Fighting Harrier. Tour of Duty medal's will be awarded to all who attend whether Fighting Harrier or not.

We encourage those taking part to bring their own improvised non-lethal weaponry, the more the merrier. Fireworks are completely acceptable (Bangers, Rockets and Repeaters). 

All who wish to participate will be given a small equipment list of things to bring with them. If you want to attend and participate as an observer or as a member of the Press we can facilitate observer status passes and regalia.  The Coach will return that night after a mess feed.

- Contact Hugh Cooney of The Earlsfort  Chapter House of The Free Harriers Of Dublin at or Preferably by  phone 0876751104 or 085 769 1197


Standard Equipment:

Two Euro Shop:




We recommend thick clothing for protection, as well as warmth.

Any further additions to the equipment are encouraged e.g. Fire-works, smoke
bombs etc. etc.



Happy Birthday to COMMANDING COMBAT ENGINEER Simon McAllister!!!

Huzzar! Huzzar! Huzzar!



Supafast Military have taken delivery of the vehicle that will become the

SUPAFAST WAR-PIG mobile urban assault platform.



The newest returnee is Sporting Harrier Gary Humphries!!!



Welcome home International Harrier Colin Daly!!!

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